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Piano Action

Woman plays piano

grand piano action removed for adjustment

When someone has their piano tuned, only half of the piano is being serviced. The assembly of moving parts in the piano is called the action. There are several adjustments to each of the 88 keys that affect how it plays and feels. As the piano is played, the various parts wear, compress and are stressed to a point where they need to be adjusted to make the action work it's best. These adjustments are called regulation. Regulation should be done on a regular basis to ensure proper function. It's like a car needing to be serviced for adjustment of the valves, brakes, and other moving parts so it will run and drive well.

After RPT Is Attained

Woman plays piano

Once someone has attained RPT status, it is up to them to progress in knowledge and experience. Some technicians concentrate on one maybe two areas. For example: One technician may spend most of his time tuning pianos and do some repairs or parts replacement from time to time while another may spend most of his time rebuilding older pianos and do some tuning from time to time. Many technicians do an equal amount of tuning and rebuilding. There are RPT's that work for colleges, universities or piano manufacturers on a full-time basis. A few RPT's have designed tools, piano parts and other services and spend most of their time in design, manufacturing and sales. If you find an RPT that rebuilds pianos to resell you have probably found a good source for buying a used piano. Several RPT's also hold college degrees in other fields of life such as engineering, science, art, music, etc.